Best A2 hosting alternatives - in 2023

I am a full-time web developer,I have used various A2 Hosting services for myself and my clients in the past. My experience with A2 Hosting changed recently. I had problems with their customer support – I had to wait for their response for a long time, and the support agents were friendly but not very helpful. I figured out that their technical acumen was limited. I had to figure out things on my own.

There is another thing that bothers me, A2 Hosting has reasonable prices when you first sign up, especially for shared hosting plans, but when it’s time to renew, the prices go up significantly.

As I mentioned, I am a web developer, so I used to use hosting from various providers. I am sharing my experience with many hosting providers. It’s difficult to choose hosting without using it, but as a web developer, most of my clients want me to recommend a reliable hosting plan. So, I decided to share my knowledge and experiences with you.

Why choose them as the best alternatives of A2 hosting

I reviewed them mostly based on their pricing, technical ability, features, customer service, and most importantly their renewal fees. Earlier in my web development career, I discovered a few hosting companies that provided the functionality I required at a lower starting price for a few periods. But when it came time to renew, their fees had increased significantly. Although I am tech-savvy, I must say that I made this mistake by not paying much attention to the renewal fees.

Consequently, I moved my website to a different hosting platform. However, for the average person who creates a website with the help of a developer, switching to a new hosting provider can be a hassle. It often involves going back to their developer or hiring a new developer and incurring additional costs to migrate the site from the current hosting to the new one. This can be quite troublesome for those who are not tech-savvy.

Here are the Best A2 Hosting Alternatives providers in 2023.

1. Hostinger - Affordable Pricing and Reliable Support

Hostinger is one of my top choices if you are looking for the best A2 Hosting alternatives. It stands out because it meets all my important criteria:

Hostinger offers cost-effective long-term plans and compared to their price and service this is unbeatable. Their customer Support provides multilingual support. Hostinger is developer friendly.
Free .com Domain: Most of their plans include a free .com domain name.

A2 Hosting claims to have 24/7 support, but sometimes it takes time for them to resolve issues. In contrast, Hostinger’s support team is available around the clock. When you reach out to them, they quickly address your concerns, even if the problem originates from your website development side. Hostinger’s live chat support efficiently helped me solve my issue in just one session.

If you want to be hassle-free for a long time after developing your website, you should choose Hotinger plan. also when you purchase their for, long-term plans – year/2 year. the plan’s pricing will decrease a huge amount from the actual price

Best A2 hosting alternative can be hostinger


I deal with hostinger customer service frequently and I am happy to get in touch with Hostinger’s support staff. When compared to the unreliable support that comes from A2 Hosting, their agents are well-informed and supportive. The first-year domain registration fee is paid by Hostinger when you purchase the Premium or Business packages. Hostinger’s domain renewal is still less expensive than A2 Hosting when it comes time to renew.

Prices : When it comes to value, I don’t think anyone can compete with Hostinger: its long-term plans, ranging from basic to VPS hosting, are well worth the cost.
various hosting packages available. A greater range of hosting solutions, such as cloud hosting, Minecraft server hosting, and e-commerce hosting, WordPress hosting is offered by Hostinger in comparison to A2 Hosting.

2 . InterServer Hosting - Best for North American targeted user

InterServer is a fantastic alternative to A2 hosting if you are searching for a cost-effective hosting solution and your target market is North America.
While InterServer offers support for both Windows and Linux, A2 Hosting only offers web hosting for Linux and comparatively Windows hosting is faster than Linux hosting.

InterServer stands out in that it facilitates the installation of over 400 different scripts with a single click. These scripts contain cloud-based forums and e-commerce applications.

Other benefits are extra features that InterServer excels at. I am interested in benefits like an incredible number of 1 click-install cloud apps and free security features, which InterServer offer even for its most basic plans, even though features like limitless resources and free SSL should be standard for a reliable host.

Their support is average but significantly better than A2 Hosting. so it can be an option when you are finding the best alternatives of a2 hosting


Upgradable plan : For a small monthly fee, you can upgrade your current hosting plan if you discover that you need more space than you have. You can avoid the headache of switching to a whole new plan by using this plan.
complete package – Benefit from all of the premium features (including Inter-Proxy Caching and Linux cPanel) at a renewal rate that is significantly lower than A2 Hosting.

Strong security : Weekly backups, Cloudflare CDN, InterShield, and other free security measures are all included in InterServer’s basic service.
Excellent performance at a reduced cost. While A2 Hosting offers excellent loading times in most locations, InterServer is also quite effective in North America.

Feature of Interserver to choose best alternative of a2 hosting

Bluehost is one of the best hosting provider when it comes to WordPress hosting. they are renowned for their WordPress hosting and it’s true. Bluehost makes sure your website stays fast even when there is a lot of traffic. I recommend Bluehost if your website is built with WordPress. You can reach their customer support 24/7 by phone, email, or live chat whenever you need assistance. They are genuinely helpful. Sometimes, when I face issues with WordPress or when there’s a conflict between my plugins or themes and the website hosted on Bluehost, they make an effort to assist me. They inform me about what needs fixing or which plugin is causing the problem.


With every hosting package, you will receive a free domain for the first year. Their pricing is affordable. Additionally, I must mention that their speed is very fast even with a large number of visitors. They also provide a free SSL certificate with every hosting package, and Bluehost has a well-established relationship with the WordPress community. also, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee with their all plans. but there is a downside that I must mention their free domain renewal price is higher than average but I cannot remove it from my checklist because their service is exceptional and well worth the cost.