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Hello, I am Faisal Chowdhury. 24-year-old Bengali guy. I live with my parents and a younger brother. I have gained a lot of experience at my age. I don’t know if this is a rare case. I am an introvert at any family gathering. But, I am the best at communication in my professional space. I do hard work, but as a freelancer, my family has come to think I am a lazy person who is always busy with his phone and laptop. I belong to a middle-class family. My relatives and everyone around me are smartly well-off and can achieve their dreams effortlessly. That’s why my goals are bigger than my background. Everyone talks about their success and professionalism on their About page, but I am writing about my failure. I could have been a better student by my choice. Because I think academic modules need a better structure in my country. I guess 18–24 years is the most challenging time for everyone. No one talks about their struggles. Maybe that’s why we don’t know how to fight with ourselves in difficult times.

Faisal Chowdhury

When did I start to overthink about life?

At the age of 17, I left my happy sleeping hours. And start dreaming about success. What to do, and how to make me successful. There is no one who can guide me at this moment. Depression comes, and there is no maturity in me to handle it. At that time, I used to think I would do this—that bla bla bla—without taking any action. I was wasting my time watching videos like How to Get Rich Quick, Make Money Online, and Clickbait-Type Things. At 20, that was the end of the year 2019. I heard about freelancing, and after much research, I decided to do web development. Now, it is time to take action. I started watching videos on YouTube tutorials and doing practice. I motivated myself and started studying a lot, doing 5-8 hours of study in web development, and day by day, I am getting confidence; my depression is overcoming at the same time. It was probably early in 2020. I took a paid course to learn an overall guideline for web development. Then, I followed the guidelines and started making profiles on popular freelancing platforms. I was busy making gigs and sending buyer requests. In May 2020, I got my first client, a $60 project. I still can’t believe it was my first payout.

Early Opportunities

I’m getting back-to-back orders from different clients with 5-star ratings. Start getting orders locally also, and if you know about Fiverr, Fiverr is a freelancing platform that releases payment after 14 days of completing an order. At that time, I saw I was wasting money doing unnecessary things. I started enjoying life early. However, greed also arose within me. I increased my gig prices on Fiverr. The reason I modified my gigs is that Fiverr rank-downed my gigs for a long time. I needed to familiarize myself with this rule. I lost my rank, and as I told you, I used to get orders from local clients, so local clients pay directly to you. There is no third-party commission that freelancing platforms take, so the money is in a larger amount, and I am making 200/300 dollars every 3/4 days. And slowly, slowly, I stopped giving time on Fiverr, and if you are not active on those platforms, they will downrank you.

Comeback from carelessness

Sometimes, I cancel my projects to go on a trip with my friends. I realized my life started going back to the past. Everything is going downhill. Then I realized that my life wasn’t what I deserved, and I needed to fix it again. My struggle is not over yet. I’ve started identifying my mistakes and working on them. If you are skilled, you can make money. But 80% of people stop working when they see little success. I am one of them at 80%, but now I have started to make myself better than ever.

That is my story. I hope my story helps you figure out your mistakes. Never stop working. Good luck.

Now, I am making a community for web developers by providing you with blogs and tutorials so that you can avoid making the same mistake. I will share with you my experiences. So get in touch.🤓