How to Become a Web Developer?

You have come to the right article if you want to know how to become a web developer and which track you should follow. This post is the outcome of my four years of web development experience, during which I researched a great deal to provide you with the direction you require.  I started my journey, but I found it challenging as a novice. There are many resources available on the internet. However, it can be challenging for newbies to sort through them all and choose the best ones. As a result, I have listed the vital information you should know before starting. Let’s move ahead now.

Dedication, commitment, and efforts in web development

It would be best if you committed enough time to web development in order to have a successful profession. If you are willing to invest the time and energy required, you will succeed as a web application developer. In the process, you will need to make a lot of significant decisions; I’m here to help you drag your options. Otherwise, programming is not for you, my friend.

how to Become Successful in a web development career

HTML Fundamentals

Let’s begin with the basics of HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language. A webpage is structured in HTML. It takes 15 to 30 days to understand and is comparatively simple to learn. I won’t teach you how to write code; this is an overall guideline, but many free resources are available on the internet. but there are lots of free resources available on the internet. YouTube is an excellent platform to learn. Choose a teacher whose methods you can relate to, listen to their playlist, and practice often.

Introducing Design: CSS

The moment has come to learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) if you are proficient with HTML. The design elements of a website, including colors, style, and formatting, are handled by CSS. Consider CSS as the style guide and HTML as the framework. Start your CSS adventure by locating a YouTube content provider that aligns with your preferred learning approach. To gain skills, work on tiny projects that combine HTML and CSS, such as creating a personal portfolio page or a website for a nearby business.

Designing Frontend Apps

It’s time to go into frontend development if you want to be paid for your labor. Learn Bootstrap to simplify web design and quickly produce visually appealing websites.

How to become a web developer in 2024

Tips For Beginners

People may have talked about learning JavaScript after HTML and CSS, but I recommend starting with Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a CSS library that simplifies web design. While CSS requires you to write a lot of code to style elements like buttons ,box etc . Bootstrap allows you to call predefined elements. It saves you time and guarantees an enjoyable experience. Learn Bootstrap, and you’ll have completed another step. You can now call yourself a frontend developer. 😃

Everything you see on websites you visit is now within your capability, but you need to practice and work on projects combining HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to do some simple projects, and it will boost your confidence in web design.

If you prefer frontend, explore technologies like React.js or Vue.js based on market demand and your interest. This will lead you to become a proficient frontend web developer.

Difference between frontend and backend web development.

As I mentioned earlier, the frontend is the visual appearance of a website, which means everything we see on a website or interact with that front. On the other hand, the Backend handles the functional aspects of a website. The backend task is creating an admin dashboard where administrators can post data visible on the front and manage customer information and products. This involves programming, databases, and many more. I’m avoiding technical jargon like ‘API’ ‘data structures’ and complex function names, as they might confuse beginners. You’ll need to choose a programming language, such as PHP, Node.js, or Python, based on factors like job opportunities, market demand, and your personal preferences. You’ll also need to learn the framework associated with your chosen programming language.

Some Frontend and backend technology

Frontend usage Backend usage
Html ( Mandatory )
PHP , Python or Node JS [ Chose one backend programming language like ]
Css ( Mandatory)
Database : You will need to learn a database with the language you will be learning. For PHP, you can use Mysql; for Python, you can use SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL any of these ..
Bootstrap [ This is not mandatory , this is a popular CSS framework you can chose other CSS framework like Tailwind CSS , Metro UI etc .
Framework Learn a framework based on the language you learned . For PHP , Laravel is a popular framework and for Python Django is good .
Javascript [ To make your frontend more interactive and user friendly]
Do proper research before you start

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frontend vs backend in web development

Protips :

You may find yourself stuck at some point, but don’t worry , millions of people have given solutions to problems on Google. Countless community members have shared solutions to problems on the internet. A stack overflow could be the source of your issues.

Full-Stack Development

Those who want to work in frontend and backend development will become full-stack web developers. Pick a programming language for the backend to study, such as Python, Node.js, or PHP, and become familiar with the related framework. or you can start with wordpress . You’ll work with databases, build admin dashboards, and oversee the backend operations of websites.

Final Tips :

Learning this entire process can be done for free using the abundant online resources, but it may take time to find and research them; there is a lot of chance for distraction. If you prefer a structured approach, you can pick some courses from platforms like Udemy or Skillshare.

Best of luck on your web development journey!